Daylight Saving (Slaving) Time

rsz_sunriseI’m sorry folks but I am going to lay it on the line: I HATE Daylight Saving Time. Why in the world would we simple-minded humans think we are smart enough to mess with the sun’s time?


When I was a kid I thought having an extra hour in the evenings to play outside was wonderful, but now as an adult that extra hour only adds to the days workload. Not to mention the change messes up my sleep pattern. For those of us who are creatures of habit this is a very stressful time. In fact studies have shown that during the first three weekdays of Daylight Saving Time a person is at a 10% greater risk of having a heart attack, and, it has been documented that suicide increase in males at this time of year and decreases in the fall when the time changes back. The rhythm of life is off kilter for weeks after this dreaded change.


Not only does this changing of time effect our health it also complicates all sorts of time keeping devises, disrupts meetings, world travel, computer software, and medical and farming equipment. Conservationists can argue that we’re saving natural resources by switching over to Daylight Saving Time but how can that be explained? Sure there is an hour of more sunlight in the evenings, but there is an hour less in the mornings… da.


Way back in the late 1800s Daylight Saving Time was first proposed to conserve candles, but it didn’t fly then. The ringing of church bells, or, the blast of a cannon awakened communities at daylight. People were even taxed if they had shutters covering their windows. The first Daylight Saving Time bill was not proposed to the House of Commons until 1908 but it still didn’t pass.


In April of 1916 Germany and Austria-Hungary were the first countries to use Daylight Saving Time as a way to conserve coal during wartime. The United States adopted Daylight Saving Time in 1918, but soon abandoned it in the years after the war. It was not until the energy crisis of the 1970s that Daylight Saving Time was widely adopted. But, today two of our states, Arizona and Hawaii do not adhere to the time change.


What really gets me is the fact that since the change in time early Sunday morning it is dark when I get up at seven, when before it was light. And, last night it was still daylight at 8:00 so when 10:30 rolled around my body was telling me it was just 9:30 and it was not ready to go to bed. So therefore it was after 11 when I went to bed so today I am a fuzzy headed mess. Makes no sense to me.


Back in the day Ben Franklin said it all with this old English proverb: Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. Simple advice with no time change.

Sorry for ranting, but, sometimes a girl’s just got to vent. Have a great week in the sun.


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